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Currently, all of our properties are successfully rented out. Are you interested? Then let us know by sending an e-mail to, including the following information:

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  • Rental budget; and
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Rental Conditions

Are you also so fond of details? Below you can read all the information about the notice period, deposit and income requirements at Lyceum.

Notice period
After the expiration of the first year, it is possible to terminate the rental agreement.
The notice period for the rental agreement is two months.

As a resident, we ask you to pay a deposit before, or no later than, the effective date of the lease. The deposit is equal to two months’ rent and service charges.

Are you employed?
If you are renting on your own, we ask for an average gross monthly income (including vacation allowance and supplements) of at least three times the basic monthly rent. Are you renting together? Then the same conditions apply to your joint average gross monthly income. The income of the person earning the least must equal at least 1.5 times the basic monthly rent. For Lyceum this is at least € 2,137.50 (assuming 1.5 times the rent for a studio of € 1,425).

Example 1 – rent only

Suppose Tessa has found her dream studio at Lyceum. The rent is € 1,425 per month. Tessa earns € 5,000 gross per month. She calculates that she needs 3 x € 1,425 = € 4,275 to meet the rent requirements. So Tessa can safely register.

Example 2 – renting together

Bas and Julia are going to live together at Lyceum. They have found a maisonette with a monthly rent of € 1,650. They know that their joint average gross monthly income must be at least € 4,950 (3 x € 1,650). Bas has the lowest income of the couple. He knows that he must earn at least € 2,475,- (1.5 x € 1,650,-) gross per month to live at Lyceum.

Do you have your own business?
We ask entrepreneurs to have an average gross annual income of at least three times the basic annual rent. You calculate your gross annual income by averaging the net profit over the past three years. The net profit is the turnover from the business minus the operating expenses.

Example 3 – renting as an entrepreneur

Wendy has her own clothing store in Utrecht. She has found an apartment at Lyceum of € 1,850 per month. She calculates that the annual rent is 12 x € 1,850 = € 22,200. Wendy’s average gross annual income over the past three years is € 90,000. How convenient! That’s more than the minimum amount of € 66,600.

Are you retired?
Then the same guidelines apply to you as to salaried residents. We know that as a retiree, you pay less tax on your income than a salaried person. Therefore, you may multiply your gross monthly income (AOW and pension(s)) by 1.3. We keep that amount as a guideline.

Example 4 – Renting as a retiree
Hans has recently retired. In Lyceum he wants to enjoy his old age. Hans’ gross monthly income from AOW and pension(s) is €5,000 per month. He multiplies this amount by 1.3. Hans calculates that €6,500 is enough to rent the €1,850 apartment (€6,500 / 3 = €2,167). Just like someone in employment, his average gross monthly income must be at least equal to three times the bare monthly rent.

Do you have equity?
Are you just short of the above guidelines, but do you have equity? 10% of your equity can be added to the gross annual income. We apply a minimum of € 15,000.